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Startup Dispatcher

Starting a dispatching service can be a very lucrative and rewarding career path, but starting a successful dispatch service from scratch can also be an extremely hard and daunting task. Not only do you have to find carriers willing to work with a newbie dispatcher, but you have to build prominent relationships with key brokers and keep each clients tires on the road consistently. Throughout our experiences in the trucking industry, we had noticed new dispatchers need just as much assistance as carriers forming their trucking companies. We have been able to pinpoint the exact issues that newer dispatchers are facing and formed a “Starter Pack Dispatch System” guaranteed to make anyone’s dispatch service a success! We’ve been able to partner up with highly recognized companies in the trucking space to offer each dispatcher: marketing tools, customized premium carrier lead lists, and discounts on load boards!

Carrier List:

Once you setup your dispatch service, you’ll need leads of trucking companies to contact and we’re not just talking about contacting your best friends’ brother that just started a trucking company. You’ll need premium leads of carriers with different authority ages and you’ll need many of them! We’ve been able to create custom lead lists for each dispatcher based on what type of carrier they’re looking to dispatch. We can customize each list by equipment type, authority age, state, power unit amount, and much more. For the best possible results, our carrier lists are pulled fresh daily and automatically filters to weed out non trucking companies. Thousands of vetted carrier leads are just one click away. Give it a try!


Marketing Tools:

Proper marketing is a key component in dispatching. How are you going to differentiate yourself from other dispatchers doing the same thing you are? Finding potential carriers on Facebook and Indeed will only take you so far. That’s why you need to explore different marketing avenues like mass emails or text blast services. Within three days of using these marketing tools, our dispatchers have received dramatic results from this step alone. Instead of spending all day calling carriers one by one, this key resource will let you cast a large net out into the industry, guaranteed to find your new client in minutes! Below is a trusted texting and emailing service we advise all our dispatchers to use. Give them a try!


Load Boards:

Before you find your first client, you want to make sure you’re signed up with any load boards you can find. Having various load boards available at your fingertips can be the difference of retaining a client and having the client find a new dispatcher. It’s crucial that as a dispatcher, you become well acclimated with each load board you deal with. Throughout your search for freight, we included a load board that we find is the most user friendly for inexperienced dispatchers. Give them a try!


These carrier lists were a huge help for my dispatch service! Starting out, it was easy finding services to help with forming my business LLC, creating a website…etc. But, there was no one to assistant with finding carriers, until I found Trucking Assistant! So happy and grateful for them!
I honestly cant image why most newer dispatchers don’t use a service like this. They saved me sooo much time with giving me ready-to-go leads that were looking for a dispatch service. Thanks you Trucking Assistants!!!
One of the best investments I’ve made in my dispatch carrier. I wouldn’t have been able to find these clients any other way!
These resources have taken my dispatch service to the next level! I used to be worried on how I’d find my next carrier and add more business. With these resources, I can find new clients in a matter of minutes!
This service literally saved my dispatch carrier. Starting out, I was so overwhelmed with which direction I should go with my company and who to partner up with. Trucking Assistants were able to layout a detailed plan for me to get my company where I wanted it to be!
These list are absolute gold! If I didn’t have my dispatch service as successful as it is currently, I would keep this website my secret and have all the leads to myself!
So grateful I found this service! These resources have become my secret weapon and the reason Ive been able to separate my dispatch service from the rest.
At first I was skeptical paying for a lead list. As a new dispatcher, I was watching every penny and wanting to do things with caution. Luckily these lists treated me very very well. I would recommend Trucking Assistants to anyone whos serious about growing their dispatch service.
After two lead list packages in, I can confidently say I’m more than set with the best carriers I could have ever asked for!

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